Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A call for biblio-tales!

Rebecca Rego Barry, who some of you may know as the editor of Fine Books & Collections, is interested in hearing from collectors who have found a rare book or manuscript in an “unlikely place,” e.g. barn, basement, attic, church sale, estate sale, thrift shop, grandfather’s closet, etc. The definition of “rare” here is quite broad: it can be a book or manuscript of value, whether artistic, historical, financial, associative, or sentimental. Is it something you flipped for a few hundred (or thousand) dollars, something you donated to a museum or archive, or something you treasure in your own collection? She is currently at work on a book about such finds, titled Rare Books Uncovered, to be published by Quarto’s Voyageur Press in late 2015. Ideally, she’d like to hear from folks before Thanksgiving. You can reach her at or through her website Thanks!

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