Friday, July 25, 2014

FABS Cleveland 2014 photojournal

Dear FABS Attendees:

George and I had a wonderful time at FABS '14 and enjoyed being with you all. We left enriched by the treasures we had seen and with a renewed appreciation for the city of Cleveland. 

I made a photo journal of our tour and have posted the digital version on my online "library" with other books I have made of our travels. If you go to this link you can click on the book and then page through it at your leisure. You are able to adjust the size to your preference. However, the first page may seem elongated but that is because it is the open dust jacket. After that, you should be able to page through the book as you would if it were in your hands.

The books on Appalachia cover the trip that we took from Cleveland. Feel free to take a look at any of the books there; creating these travel journals is a hobby of mine and allows us to look back and remember our trips.

Thank you to all who did so much to make FABS in Cleveland so memorable. 

Best wishes,

Susan Hanes
President, Caxton Club