Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Zamorano Club

The Zamorano Club has had a number of particularly wonderful presentations at our monthly dinner meetings, all of which have been presented by Zamorano members. In January, David Kalifon gave a talk entitled “Pentiger’s Tabula Itineraria: Exploring an Ancient Roman Road Map through Ortelius’s 1598 Facsimile.”
Chuck Rennie followed in February with “Sex, Science, and Sardines: Reality and Myth in the Steinbeck–Ed Ricketts Friendship and its Literature.” Mr. Rennie was very thorough in his research, presenting a detailed account of the life of Ed Ricketts and his relationship with Steinbeck. For example, on their well-known boating trip up the interior of the Baja California Coast, he noticed that all their docking points were not of any significant interest except that these towns had a cantina.
“The Curious Case of George M. Millard, El Paseo de la Guerra, Santa Barbara” was presented by Charles Johnson. This research revolves around Alice Millard, a well-known book dealer in Los Angeles in the first half of the 20th century. During his research, Mr. Johnson discovered that a bookstore “owned” by Ms. Millard’s husband existed in Santa Barbara. The details of this bookshop, who owned it and its history were discussed. 
Skipping April momentarily, in May we had the pleasure of hearing Kim Keeline present her summary of how the collecting of Shakespeare has evolved, what artifacts were sought early on and present some examples from her collection. 
In June, Donald Sterrenburg presented a wonderful lecture on the process he went through to design a new typeface recently.  This could possibly be one of the last faces designed fully by hand. 
Jumping back to April, we were privileged to hear Zamoranian Msgr. Francis Weber talk to us about his “Zamorano Memories.”  Msgr. Weber (a member since 1969 who has served the club in many capacities, including President of the Board of Governors) has published over 170 books, written nearly 100 essays in our journal alone, and was the archivist for the Los Angeles Archdiocese.  These are just a few highlights of his vast career, and he received a standing ovation at the conclusion. 
Zamoranian Tom Andrews has been honored by Azusa Pacific University with the name of an auxiliary of their Special Collections (the "Thomas F. Andrews Fund for the Development, Preservation, and Scholarship of Special Collections").  Zamoranian Romy Wile’s latest book “Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome” has been receiving wide-spread attention, including five awards.
The Club is on summer hiatus with members scurrying around to get their keepsakes printed for the upcoming joint meeting with the Roxburghes in November in San Francisco.  Our fellow California bibliophiles are always excellent hosts and, we are eagerly making our travel plans.

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