Monday, January 18, 2016

New Book for Bibliophiles!

Grolier Club member Richard Ring  is pleased to announce the availability of the following publication:

Lawrence C. Wroth (1884-1970) was a librarian of the first rank among those at work when the "golden age" of private book collecting in America was waning, institutional interest was waxing, and gentleman-scholars were being replaced by professional scholar-librarians.
The “Notes for Bibliophiles” he wrote for ten years in the New York Herald-Tribune were brief and intended for the general public, but they were written by an acknowledged authority on bibliography, printing history, and the history of colonial America. Reproduced herein are articles on figures as diverse as Wilberforce Eames, Daniel Berkeley Updike and A. S. W. Rosenbach; on institutions such as the Huntington, Folger, Houghton, and New York Public Libraries; on publications such as the Colophon, Donald Wing’s S.T.C., and the bibliographies of Henry R. Wagner; and on major gifts of collections, exhibitions, and the contemporary auction scene.
This collection will appeal to all who are interested in Americana, bibliography, book collecting, and in revisiting an important decade in American book history, guided by an insider with perceptive wit and literary style.

Paperbound, 9.25 x 6.5 in., seven full-color illustrations, 240 pp., designed by Scott J. Vile of the Ascensius Press and printed in 200 copies. $40.00 each

A signed, numbered (I-XX) series [ALL SOLD]
Collectors can purchase a signed, numbered copy of the book paired with a complete original issue of the New York Herald-Tribune BOOKS from 1940, containing a “Notes for Bibliophiles” article NOT reprinted in the book, and housed in an archival portfolio. $100.00 each

No.      Issue of BOOKS / NFB article inside

I               January 14, 1940.  “Music and Edgar Allen Poe” [Music and Edgar Allen Poe, A
                 Bibliographical Study by May Garrettson Evans]; “English Books in the
                 Newberry Library”; “Approaching Auctions:  The Parke-Burnet Galleries”;
                 “G. A. Baker & Co. Gallery” Includes an original subscription ticket for 
BOOKS Affixed to the front page  SOLD

II              February 11, 1940.  Review of The Minerva Press, 1790-1820 by Dorothy Blakey; “A
                 Bibliography of American Biography” [Biography by Americans, 1658-1936:  A
                 Subject Bibliography by Edward H. O’Niell] SOLD

III            February 25, 1940.  “Printing Anniversary Exhibitions in New York City” by Hellmut
                 Lehmann-Haupt AVAILABLE

IV            March 10, 1940.  “First Folio at Large” [stolen from the Chapin Library]; “The
                 Colophon Writes ‘Finis’”; “The Morgan Library Exhibition Extended” SOLD

V              March 24, 1940.  “Calligraphy and Printing”; “The Paper Museum”; “Mexican
                 Printing”; “The Columbus Letter” SOLD

VI            April 7, 1940.  “Updike Exhibition” by Peter Beilenson [exhibit at the Grolier Club] SOLD

VII           April 21, 1940.  “Printing Anniversaries” [subheadings for Providence, Baltimore,
                 Philadelphia and Chicago] SOLD

VIII         May 5, 1940.  “Early Connecticut Maps” [Maps of Connecticut Before the Year 1800
                 by Edmund Thompson]; “Franklin as Bill Collector”; “A Picturesque Incident in
                 Library History” SOLD

IX            May 19, 1940.  Review by Meta P. Harrsen (Pierpont Morgan Library) of The Tickhill
                 Psalter and Related Manuscripts.  A School of Manuscript Illumination in
                 England During the Early Fourteenth Century, by Donald Drew Egbert; “New
                 York Fiction Reading in 1804” SOLD

X              June 2, 1940.  “Lady in Waiting—A Lafayette Romance” [Le Triomphe du Beaux
                 Sexe, ou Epitre de M. le Mquis de La Fayette a son Epouse, an item in the sale of the
                 collection of Dr. Roderick Terry in 1934]; “Some Recent Bookseller’s Catalogues” SOLD

XI            June 16, 1940.  “Two Monographs” [A Bibliography of the English Printed Drama to
                 the Restoration (vol. 1) by W. W. Greg and Early Spanish Bookbindings, XI-XV
                 Centuries by Henry Thomas]; “The First Specimen Sheet of Fell Types” SOLD

XII           June 30, 1940.  Review by Robert W. Kenny (Brown U.) of The text of the Canterbury
                 Tales studied on the basis of all known manuscripts by John M. Manly and
                 Edith Rickert; “The Fairfield Type” SOLD

XIII         July 28, 1940.  “The Second Census of Incunabula” [Incunabula in American
                 Libraries:  A Second Census of Fifteenth Century Books Owned in the United States
                 and Canada by Margaret Bingham Stillwell]; “Printing and Engraving History” [The
                 Origins of Printing and Engraving by Andre Blum] SOLD

XIV         August 11, 1940.  “Two New Periodicals” [The Princeton University Library
                 Chronicle and Print: A Quarterly Journal of the Graphic Arts] SOLD

XV           August 25, 1940.  Review of Bibliography of Mathematical Works Printed in America
                 Through 1850 by Louis C. Karpinski; “Another Dormy House Catalogue” and
                 “Wilkie Collins and George Reade” [collection of Morris L. Parrish] SOLD

XVI         September 8, 1940.  Review by Henry Bartlett Van Hoesen (Brown U.) of The
                 Medieval Library by James Westfall Thompson  SOLD

XVII        September 22, 1940.  Review of The Elements of Lettering by John Howard Benson
                 and Arthur Graham Carey; “A Sidney Lanier Concordance”; “A New Manual of
                 English and American Letters” SOLD

XVIII      October 20, 1940.  “A Edward Newton, Bookman” [Obit./tribute by Randolph G.
                 Adams]; “The Gribbel Sale” SOLD

XIX         November 3, 1940.  “The Dolphin” [first issue]; “‘This England,’ A Rosenbach
                 Company Exhibition”; “The American Institute of Graphic Arts Meetings”; “Mixed
                 Sale at the Parke-Burnet Galleries” SOLD

XX           December 29, 1940.  “The Animal Kingdom” by Henry Watson Kent (Secretary of the
                 Met. Museum of Art) [exhibit at the Pierpont Morgan Library]; “The Beginnings
                 of the Press in York, Pa.” [The First Printers of York, Pennsylvania by Douglas
                 C. McMurtrie] SOLD